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Stryker Hip Replacement Lawyers

Stryker Hip Replacement Lawyer Network has Stryker Hip Replacement lawyers filing  lawsuits for  people implanted with a failed  Rejuvinate, ABG II Modular Stems or Accolade Hip Replacement.

The Stryker Rejuvinate, ABG II Modular Stems and Accolade  hip implants have been recalled due to the fact that they could fret or corrode, harming body tissue and causing pain or swelling. They are also causing toxic  Cobalt and Chromium levels in the bloodstream.

New Stryker Recall Metal V 40 Femoral Heads Alert
Stryker has voluntarily recalled some of their metal V40 femoral heads used with hip implants. This effects the

  • Exeter,
  • Citation,
  • Meridian,
  • Reliance,
  • Definition,
  • Restoration,
  • Accolade
  • Rejuvenate
  • ABG 2 stems.

The   failure of these heads is caused by corrosion and metal debris at the junction between the metal head and neck.  The clinical results for patients include pain, loss of mobility, ambulation problems and an inability to work. Poisoning of the soft tissue, muscle and bone are the cause. Revision surgeries are needed due to premature failures. Patients with V40 metal heads that suffer hip poisoning have substantial medical and legal needs.  Physicians will be receiving letters from Stryker shortly.

About The Stryker Hip Replacement Helpline

The Stryker Hip Replacement Helpline is more then just experienced Hip Replacement lawyers. We are managed by a female medical social worker with over 20 years experience in both medical counseling and working with attorneys. She has helped 100’s injured by manufacturers of drugs and devices and connected them to highly qualified lawyers. We have a special concern for seniors whose lives have been altered by  hip replacement manufacturers  that have chosen profits over people. We speak to 100’s of people a month and help them locate and get the support they need. Our Hip Replacement  lawyers have years of experience helping seniors injured by dangerous drugs and devices.  Helpline lawyers have been dedicated to the representation of class action claims involving defective medical products for many years.

Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuit Criteria

You must have a Stryker Rejuvinate, ABG II Modular Stems or Accolade implanted

You must have had or have been told you need revision surgery


You have a blood test showing high levels of Chromium and Cobalt

Stryker Hip Implant Cases Our Attorneys Are Accepting

  • Stryker Rejuvinate
  • Stryker ABG II Modular Stems
  • Stryker Accolade/Citation/ Meridian


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Total Hip Replacements

A total hip replacement is a common surgery for people with hip pain caused by degenerative joint disease or rheumatoid arthritis. The surgery is done to restore motion of the joint and function to the muscles and ligaments. The top of the femoral bone (thigh bone) is removed and a new round piece is inserted into the bone. The goal of having a hip replacement is to increase mobility and enhance the quality of life. However, the Stryker hip implants fell short of this and hundreds of recipients are now faced with pain, suffering and the need for revision surgeries.

Stryker Hip Replacement Complications and Injuries include:

Severe inflammatory reactions
Pain in the groin
Need for additional medical care and revision surgeries
Breakdown of muscles, tendons and other soft tissues
Loss of surrounding bone
Loss of mobility
Inflammation / swelling
Redness of the skin at the site of implant
Soft tissue changes – including tissue death
Damage to and loss of muscle tissue
Lymphatic infiltration

Cobalt and Chromium Toxicity Symptoms

A heavy metal’s toxicity  can affect the nervous system, gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular system, blood production, kidneys, and reproductive system.

Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity include:

  • mental confusion,
  • pain in muscles and joints,
  • headaches,
  • short-term memory loss,
  • gastrointestinal upsets,
  • food intolerance
  • allergies,
  • vision problems,
  • chronic fatigue,


FDA and Stryker

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has placed a serious warning label on Stryker’s recalled ShapeMatch Cutting Guides used in total knee replacements because of manufacturing concerns.  Stryker  issued a voluntary recall  of this knee replacement in January.

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If you have a recalled Stryker  Rejuvinate, ABG II Modular Stems or Accolade Hip Replacement and are experiencing complications see your surgeon immediately to see if you require revision surgery. If you are advised you will need revision surgery contact the Stryker Hip Replacement Helpline for an experienced Stryker Hip Replacement lawyer. Our lawyers are also accepting clients for the DePuy Pinnacle and ASR metal on metal hip replacements.

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